Prettyie for London Fashion Week

Prettyie for London Fashion Week

Introducing - Trimingham! Your modern day luxury sportswear brand, specialising in creating bespoke and ready-to-wear garments.  Trimingham, who is owned by local entrepreneur - Cherise Trimingham, was scheduled to showcase her upcoming AW22 collection at London Fashion Week on Sunday 20th February.
The collection consisted of 17 designs which included outerwear, shirt sets, and tracksuits, created using a carefully curated colour palette. With this, Prettyie was approached with the opportunity to produce a set of matching sneakers that would compliment elements of the collection.
When Trimingham initially approached us, our idea was to simply paint the shoe using the same colour palette, however to achieve the exact colour would definitely prove a challenge, especially with working on such a tight deadline. With a quick brainstorm we of course came up with a more efficient yet effective solution, and that was to actually use materials from the original pieces.
In total we created three unique Air Force 1s to be featured in the runway. When it came to customising these we wanted the designs to be subtle yet effective, where it didn't take away attention from the outfits, but in fact complimented them! The first design consisted of Taffeta which was to be paired with a full tracksuit using this material. As the whole outfit consisted of this material, we kept it very minimal on the shoe with only the swoosh consisting of it.

Our second design was a corduroy pair featuring a cotton toe box and swoosh. This neutral sneaker was worn with a matching shirt and trousers, with a similar distribution of materials.

The third and final design features a tartan print, which is found on Trimingham's puffer jacket. The jacket is a half and half print with the sleeve consisting of the tartan. We have tried to replicate this effect onto the shoes by using a lighter material on one, and one with more red detailing on the other.

The overall response from the crowd towards the collection was extremely positive, with the evening ending on a high note filled with cocktails and music! 

Images produced by gettyimages

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