Disclaimer & Cancellation Policy


Most of these shoes are hand painted and/or created with special design techniques, they are not indestructible however we do everything within our power to create a durable, long lasting shoe for our customers. Please also take care of them when you wear them and wear them at your own risk, they are a work of art as well as being fashionable, wearable shoes.

Can I cancel my order?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the custom items we are unable to cancel these orders that's why we ask all customers to be sure of their purchase and to read through our T&C's clearly before purchasing if there is a chance they may want to cancel.

Why do the shoes take so long? 

All of the shoes we create are made after purchase so they're made for each specific customer, this is part of the reason why we cannot refund/cancel these items because they have been made for each individual customer. The shoes each have a different lead time and amount of weeks that they will take.*

* Please note this wait time can change at any given time due to high demand and any other unforeseen circumstances. All sales are final and we will never delay an order without good reason. 

What if they arrive damaged?

If a shoe is damaged beyond repair we will of course give a full refund for the shoe and provide a returns label. However if the shoe is easily fixed then we will provide a returns label and have it repaired and sent back out within 3 days along with a goodwill gesture due to the inconvenience.